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ADOtec ------

Specializes in Industrial Computing Panel Solutions and is advancing to becoming the world's leading Computing supplier.

ADOtec addresses itself to provide innovative products for a variety of industrial and living applications.

If you have any technical issue please contact :  support@aplex.com.tw

RMA Policy Thank you for choosing ADOtec.

To understand your rights and enjoy all the after-sales services which we offer,

please read the information below for your reference.

Before using ADOtec's products, please read our user's manuals and follow all the instructions carefully.

When sending in damaged products for repairing, please attach our RMA form for our understanding.


All ADOtec products come with 2- YEAR warranty

The warranty periods start from the day when the product is shipped from ADOtec's factory.

Peripherals and third-party products not manufactured by ADOtec will be covered by the original manufacturers' warranty.

For products containing storage devices (hard drives, flash cards, etc.),

please back up your data before sending them for repairing.

ADOtec will not be responsible for loss of data.

Please ensure the use of properties licensed software with our systems.

ADOtec does not condone the use of pirated software and will not serve systems using such software.

For general repairs, please do not include peripheral accessories.

If peripherals need to be included, be certain to specify which items you sent on the RMA Request & Confirmation Form.

ADOtec will not be responsible for items which do not be listed on the RMA Request& Confirmation Form.


Our repair service is not covered by ADOtec's two-year guarantee in the following situations:

● Damage caused by carelessness on the user's part during product transportation.

● Damage caused by inappropriate storage environments such as with high temperatures,

   high humidity, or volatile chemicals.

● Damage caused by not following instructions in the user's manual.

● Damage caused by fire, earthquakes, floods, lightening, pollution, other acts of God,

   and/or incorrect usage of voltage transformers.

● Damage from improper repair by unauthorized technicians.

● Products with altered and/or damaged serial numbers are not entitled to our service.

● Other categories not protected under our warranty.

● Damage caused by leakage of battery fluid during or after change of batteries by customer/user.

● Customers are responsible for all fees necessary to transport damaged products to ADOtec.

● For further questions, please E-Mail our FAE staff : support@aplex.com.tw


Download Product RMA Information Form