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Company briefing


Innovation @ ODM- Embedded

◎ ADOtec is an innovative team and experienced manufacturer of ODM modules and Embedded computer boards. Our highly skilled members have more than 200-manpower years of experience in the new green- embedded industry, ready to serve partner like embedded internet solution integrators.

◎ ADOtec design interconnect- bus of Mini- Express®  interface for Intel® x86 embedded AtomTM 45nm ULV platform and DIP- RISC® for ARM powered® RISC 32-bit solution core- modules as SOM-/ COM- ExpressTM  may easy adapt custom- baseboard for your innovate and value- add mobile-/ wireless-/ internet-/ industrial controller or workstation.

◎ Due to its limited standard form- factor, our ODM- embedded service may speed-up your innovation at the right time- to- market, time- to- volume and time- to- revenue for your mission-/ environmental critical applications of new energy- saving Era.

COM Express


Market @ Green- Embedded


◎ ADOtec is capable to design and produce SOM-/ COM- ExpressTM (System-/ Computer- on- Module) core- platform with embedded Intel® x86, fanless, ultra-low-power 45nm CPU as well as ARM powered®ARM9/ ARM11 or XScale® RISC 32-bit platform for your innovated passive cooling system.

◎ All we designed embedded modules and boards were OS- ready for Microsoft® Windows® Embedded, Windows® CE, Liunx and future new coming OS.

◎ ADOtec pre-selected project-based soltuion system integrators as join- project parner to reinforce our resource as focus team. Our current solution partner are innovators mainly in the factory automation, industrial- grade HMI controller,, emebdded box or panel, mobile, wireless or internet- connected devices for secured digital data-/ voice-/ video-/ image network communcation appliances for the coming new energy- saving industry.

Initiated ARM Powered

Value @ Custom Service

◎ ADOtec provide also off-the-shelf embedded SBC as proof- of- product for your ready- to- go system component in the initial stage. After tested and approved, we may go to next stage for custom baseboard to meet your semi-/ full customized as new  innovated computer.

◎ Your join- efforts with our BDS (baseboard design service) and ODS (all-in-one SBC design service) may improve and empower your unique/ tailor- made purpose solution- board for your innovated unique- product time- to- many markets, and time- to- volume profit.

◎ ADOtec commit our semi-/ full custom service and design resources will be your key- success- factor in this faster changing, new green- energized needs of the connected  internet world.