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ADOtec Product Strategy


Core @ DIP- RISC® , Mini- Express® & COM ExpressTM

◎ ADOtec offer ARM- and Intel® - based core- modules by innovated DIP- RISC® and Mini- Express® with 200-pins defined interconnect- bus.

◎ Due to its nature of faless, ultra- low- power platform, they are very suitable for your passive cooling system design in your project initial stage.

◎ You may select one of them to adapt your ideal embedded application with ready- to- go emebdded OS.

COM Express


Baseboard @ Custom Rich I/Os

◎ ADOtec reserve most of rich I/Os connections onto our core- modules and ready to modify for your desired I/O interfaces.

◎ To follow our BDS (baseboard design) service, we could join- project for your customized baseboard within three months.

◎ You may have one core- module with many customized baseboards to fit many different markets by same core- module, pre-loaded OS.

Initiated ARM Powered

Embedded @ All-in-One SBC

◎ ADOtec provide fanless SBC, all-in-one rich I/Os scalable onto EPIC form-factor with embedded Intel® AtomTM N270/ 945GSE and OS ready.

◎ ADOtec provide ARM powered® SBC with Samsung S3C2440A and Silicon Motion SM502, Grapgic controller to fit up to 15" panel PC.

◎ Both ARM Powered® and Intel® AtomTM InsideTM design resources with SOM-/ COM- ExpressTM and SBC form-factors, ADO tec is one of your preferred ODM partner as long- term innovation in the coming green- internet connected world.

Initiated ARM Powered