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ADOtec @ Vision, Mission and Value

ADOtec @ Vision, Mission and Value


ADOtec, we envision a future with one goal for our living one world = Innovation in Internet with optimising human- machine- interface to manage our new green- energy for a better long- live for the human being of our generation to everlasting generation.


ADOtec, we do believe there is a formula, a nature rule as guidelines to find more information as intelligence- insight with optimized human- machine interface which connected to the internet world. We inspired our customer as our join-project partner in their daily innovation with hard- and software solution integration and find our improvement step by step. The changing for our better earth for our next generation will be better understanding and living in a harmonic and more peaceful world via better communication, measurement and managed insights.


Our daily improvement from managed insights will create our values as join- efforts, join- success with our customers as long- term partnership.

ADO tec @ People, Product and Partner


ADOtec, we are engineers with natue of intelligent, energetic and creative to manage our daily works for our products innovation.


We provide quailty products from core- module, baseboard and all-in-one embebdded single board computers based on ARM powered® and Intel® x86 embedded AtomTM45nmprocessor as ultra-low-power platform for our green-/ ODM- emebdded service.


Our customer with our long- term partnership will enjoy our mutual commnication for our ODM- embedded service in your innovation.